On The Age of Open Debate

On The Age of Open Debate:



İŞÇİ, Günseli Sönmez "Alienation in The Age Of Open Debate", Varlık, 112479, p. 35-42, Dec. , 2008: İŞÇİ regards the novel from the view point of modernist literature. She differantiates three main motives in the novel that maintain the organic unity of the work, and names them as "The Shadow of the East", "loss of sensitivity", and "the implication that things may not be as they seem to be". She analyses how the novalist has placed these motives in the structure of the novel as well as in the inner worlds of the characters. She concludes that the novel is a mirror for the reader where he or she may seek the answers of questions such as "Who am I?" and "Where do I stand?"

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